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All of the homes and spaces we develop are set products designed from the inside-out, focussing on the occupant experience as the priority. All of our products have been designed and built with health, wellness and sustainability (with a focus on biophillic design principles) at the forefront so that we can ensure an optimal living experience for our occupants.

The first products we are bringing to market are our 01:BUNGALOW and 02:BUNGALOW homes. Both of these products are intended for residential occupancy and have been designed based on our system of panelized mass-timber components for replicability across multiple sites.


01:BUNGALOW Living Room + Kitchen

The 01:BUNGALOW by SuperLA™ is a thoughtfully designed one bedroom + one bathroom home inspired by the bungalow court projects spread across Los Angeles, with a large open living/kitchen space, light and air on all sides, and a large attached private terrace space.

Gross Floor Area: 660 SF
Terrace Area: 140 SF (avg.)
Total Area: 800 SF 


The 02:BUNGALOW by SuperLA™ is a generously-sized two bedroom + two bathroom home inspired by terrace homes/flats popular in Australia and London, with a split bedroom layout, large living space and dining room, light and air on all sides, a juliette terrace off of the dining room, and large attached private terrace space/s.

Gross Floor Area: 1,320 SF
Terrace Area: 400 SF (avg.)
Total Area: 1,7220 SF (avg.)

Every SuperLA™ product features the following:

Natural Ventilation: Our bungalow homes have operable windows surrounding the unit and ceiling fans in all rooms, allowing for natural ventilation throughout the home to reduce the reliance on the active HVAC system.

Large Private Terrace Spaces: All homes feature large attached terrace/outdoor spaces that have been designed with indoor + outdoor living in mind, allowing our occupants to connect with the outdoors without leaving their homes.

100% Electric: Every SuperLA™ project and products are 100% electric so there is no reliance on fossil-fuel powered equipment. This results in better air quality and a lower carbon footprint.

Air Quality: The air quality inside of homes is often overlooked. At SuperLA™, air quality has been a careful consideration throughout our design & construction processes. Low VOC emitting materials have been specified for finishes, operable windows around the home allow for cross ventilation of fresh air through the interior spaces, but when you need to rely on the active HVAC system, we have sized our systems to accomodate MERV13 filtration (CDC recommendation for airborne disease).

Recycled Finish Materials: We have prioritized finish materials that incorporate recycled materials as the input for the fabrication. Our flooring is a floating cork system made from the waste material generated from manufacturing corks for wine bottles. Our exterior cladding system is a GFRC panel that is 100% recyclable and made from 40% recycled content.

Exposed Timber Finishes: Our building structure is made from Cross Laminated Timber (”CLT”). This panelized material forms the floor and roof assembly of our homes and is left exposed to create a beautiful and calming finish. Research shows that there are many health and wellness benefits associated with exposing natural elements, like timber, inside of homes and other spaces. 

High-Performing Windows & Doors: We have partnered with Pella Windows & Doors to supply our projects and products with their all-timber, aluminum clad windows and doors. Pella shares our focus on sustainability and their products offer premium thermal performance compared to similarly sized fiberglass or vinyl windows from other manufacturers. All of our windows are specified with Pella’s Insulated Low-E Dual Glazing Sundefense™ system as standard.

Performance Monitoring (SUPER:LIVING™): We are developing a proprietary monitoring dashboard that will allow our residents access to receive key insights and data about their consumption so that we can all learn how to reduce our carbon footprint.