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SuperLA® is a Los Angeles-based real estate design + build company. We approach projects differently, prioritizing health, wellness, sustainability and attainability, through product-based design and construction.

About SuperLA®

Lobby entry to our TerraceHouse by SuperLA® Project in Silver Lake, California.
We are a vertically integrated design-build firm with an emphasis on product-based design and construction. Health, wellness and sustainability inform every decision we make when designing and building spaces. This includes specifying large operable windows to provide an abundance of light and air into each space, air and water filtration, low VOC emitting finishes/materials, exposed timber finishes, bountiful landscaping, large private outdoor spaces, solar and battery storage to offset unit consumption, code-exceeding thermal performance paired with a focus on natural ventilation, among other important initiatives.

Our end-goal is to provide healthy and environmentally responsible spaces at an attainable price point. Rather than working towards this goal via cutting costs and reducing system/structural specs for our projects, we are investing in systemized design and construction practices that allow us to reduce costs in other areas of our projects.

We are based in Los Angeles, California.

TerraceHouse by SuperLA®

Visuals of our TerraceHouse on Marathon project. 
TerraceHouse by SuperLA® is our series of healthy homes, with an emphasis on sustainability, durability and attainability, in walkable neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles.

All TerraceHouse ("TH") projects incorporate the following features: solar/pv microgrid system, ev charging access for all parking stalls, no gas connection to building (100% electric with no reliance on fossil fueled power), long term bike storage for all units, exterior fresh-air walkways and egress, Abundant landscaping throughout, including atrium gardens, rooftop garden spaces, etc., water capture and reuse through cisterns and irrigation system, recycled finishes wherever possible.

We are currently offering two products in our TerraceHouse series of projects; our One-Bedroom Bungalow (TH:01 Bungalow), and our Two-Bedroom Bungalow (TH:02 Bungalow).  

Both the TH:01 and TH:02 products share the following features: Filtered air and water, exposed timber ceilings and beams, low VOC emitting materials and finishes, recycled and recyclable finishes wherever possible, the homes are naturally ventilated with ceiling fans and operable windows in all rooms designed to maximize airflow and cross ventilation to reduce the reliance on the active HVAC system, code-exceeding thermal envelope, large solid-timber windows with aluminum clad exteriors, attached private terrace spaces, durable, energy-efficient appliances and equipment, solar/PV system to offset unit consumption, no gas hookups to remove reliance on fossil fuels and increase indoor air quality.

We have two TerraceHouse projects currently in development, both located in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles.

TH: Marathon 
Coming Soon

TH: Hyperion
Coming Soon

Overlander by SuperLA®

Visual of our first Overlander by SuperLA® project.
Overlander by SuperLA® is our series of retreat-based spaces offering a place to escape and reconnect with nature / yourself / friends / family. 

Coming Soon

Community Partnerships by SuperLA®

Video and photograph of our HSFC Garden by SuperLA® Project
link: hsfc.super.la

HSFC is a not-for-profit health clinic offering free, quality medical and counseling services to people of all ages. HSFC serves low-income, uninsured or under-insured individuals.

SuperLA® was introduced to HSFC in mid-2021 to help design the upgrades to an existing garden space at the clinic. After spending time with the leaders of the organization, we (SuperLA®) elected to not only donate our design services, but to also donate the supplies, materials and labor to complete the renovation of the garden.

HSFC had not used the garden space for over 20+ years. It is now a space that their organization and staff can use to meet with clients and patients, and to educate them on the benefits of healthy eating and taking care of your mind.

We plan to partner with additional community organizations in the Silver Lake and surrounding neighborhoods to complete similar projects over the years to come.

We hope we will inspire more individuals, groups and businesses to do the same.

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